Week 5 and 6 – Orange you glad…

Things here in Orange have been crazy busy!  Mostly work things and so I won’t bore you with details, but it has been kicking my butt lately and it seems like it will continue for some time.  So here is the quick shot of what has been happening:

1.  I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this week.  I posted the video on Facebook.  Not only is ALS a client of mine at work, but my high school choir director had ALS.  She died several years ago, and while I won’t pretend to have great high school memories of her, I remember how frightening it seemed that her body would paralyze her while her mind still was sharp.  I can’t imagine much worse.

2.  I almost have all of my furniture in the apartment – I am so close.  :)

3.  I have not seen J in a long time.  Too long.  Tonight I will remedy that.

4.  What I really need is a full 2 or 3 days to spend on my apartment.  Organizing, cleaning, moving, etc.  Even though I have not see J in too long, I still have not had a chance to spend much time on the place…and there is so much stuff to do.

5.  I got to go to work last week and see everyone and then we had the company picnic and I spent some time with mom over the weekend before heading home.  And I got to see a movie with Lynn and Crystel – not a bad way to spend the weekend.

6. This weekend I get to see Sara and Micah!  So happy!

7.  When I use my home phone to call people, caller ID just says “ORANGE”.  So that is my new name now.  :)

8.  Speaking of Orange, I finished Orange is the New Black 2 seasons in about 1.5 weeks.  And I am about to start reading the book.    Anyone else addicted?

9.  Finally, I am starved for conversation.  Most days I fight the urge to talk to the walls.  So if you ever need to chat…I amy be your girl.


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Fairytales and being 40

I have been thinking about this post for a while and trying to decide how I wanted to tackle it.    Mostly the decisions have been how to make this a celebration of something and not a defeatist kind of post where people start to feel sorry for me or offer up words of encouragement.

At 40, I had just about given up on the idea of getting married.  The young impulsive carefree ideal of getting married at least.  I realized I will never been that 20 year old who feels like life is not worth living without that certain someone.  I will never be the 25 year old woman who meets a guy in a bar or is introduced by friends in what is called a “meet cute” in the movies.

I don’t need someone to rescue me from my life…while it is not perfect, it is the life that I built.  I don’t need someone to be my everything…it is not possible.   I don’t need someone to sweep me off my feet and treat me like a princess…at this age it is easier to see reality in yourself and in others and not expect more.  I don’t need the kind of fairytale that is taught to us when we are young…I don’t need to believe in perfection anymore.  I don’t need someone to complete me.

What I do want and need is someone I can talk to.  Someone who makes me laugh.  Someone who accepts my flaws as I accept his.  Someone who has the same values as I do.   Someone who pushes me out of my comfort zone and who challenges my preconceptions – about myself and the world.  Someone who shows me in small ways and big ways that I am important to them and who can accept the same from me.  Someone who makes the choice during the hard times to stay…cause in the end…that is the only thing that lasts.


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Week 4 – The end is in sight

So tomorrow marks 4 weeks since I moved to Orange.  There are so many good things about being here.  I feel like I don’t talk about them enough.  So here you go:

  1. I love love love having my own space.  I can put things where I want them and they won’t move before I come back for them.
  2. It is so quiet here in Orange.  And not quiet like in Woodbridge where you can still hear cars outside…I mean quiet like only the country can be.
  3. People here are a lot nicer than at home.  Stores and restaurants and just people in general seem to be a whole lot nicer.
  4. I am more calm here.  I used to drive around the DC area and mumble “I hate people”…now I don’t really hate people – I just hate the selfish, mean way that people act on the road.  But here, I don’t say that – it wasn’t until I had to drive back to NOVA that it happened again.
  5. I am quickly getting to the point where I don’t need to buy anything else for the apartment – I am close but it still seems that daily I find something I still need.  Having said that, I am getting to use some things I have never had a place for.   For instance, I hung a print today that I bought in 2006 and have never hung or even gotten framed.
  6. I am also realizing how many things I have that I may not need.  That can only mean 1 thing – purge will be coming.
  7. Without cable TV, I am binge watching Hulu and Netflix and working my way through my DVD/Blu-Ray collection.  Finally.
  8. I sleep better here.  I go to sleep earlier on average and I wake up without an alarm clock every day.  I feel like I am finally living on my natural sleep rhythms – sleep when tired and wake when ready to be up.
  9. I don’t use my car that often…and for someone who spent a lot of time driving, that has been a really good thing for my stress level.
  10. I am more focused and more active here than I have been in the past.

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes.  I feel like the beginning is now.  I will leave you with – I found a new sign for my wall, it say “Live the life you always imagined”.  I am heading in that direction.

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When you question…

I visited a new church this weekend.  There was a lot of good stuff there – nice friendly people, relaxed environment, clear bible following and a knowledge that community is important for believers.  All things I have been looking for.

There were as things that were, well not troubling, but things that made me wonder if it was the right place.  It is very very small, the service is traditional to the point of apologizing for the VBS music (which was contemporary), and (while I know I have been spoiled by the pastor at my home church) it was a little difficult to listen to the pastor speak as he kept stumbling over his words.

I am not sure it is my new church home, but I am not opposed to going back to visit and give it another try.

There was one thing that the pastor said said however, that made me pull out my bible at home and take a look at the scripture to make sure that what he said was accurate (which I didn’t believe it was).  And while his misinterpretation was not egregious and it certainly didn’t change the sermon in any way, it did make me look it up when I got home.  And sure enough, I was right – he had misspoken on that particular scripture.

I will forever be grateful to Pastor Ray Bearden at FBCW who was the one that really enforced that it is important to not just listen to speakers but to take the time to look up the things you learned in the source material – whether to fact check or to expand learning.


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Week 3 – I just want it all to be done

Major progress this week on the apartment – my couch was delivered, I bought and assembled 2 bookcases to house my craft items (finally!!), I bought a few additional things to help organize my office/work stuff, and my “to get” list is getting considerable shorter.

But not fast enough. :)

At least not fast enough for me.  I still have things at my mom’s house that need to come down here.  I still need to find forever homes for some of the things I own.  I still need to finish unpacking the items that will fill the shelves I bought and assembled today.

Impatient…why yes I am :)

This week I found myself restless more than once.  I found myself having to get out of the apartment after working 3 or 4 nights this week…just to get out.  Just to escape.  I am in the same space every day all day and all night.   I need to find a better way to deal with being here – hobbies (once unpacked), reading – something.

My mom and I went out today to antique/junk stores and I was reminded that I want to spend some time out with my camera soon…that may be sooner rather than later…like tomorrow sooner if I can’t find something to do.

Good week – impatient week – but a good week overall.

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Week 2 – It’s all a little strange

So week 2 here at the new place is coming to conclusion and I have to say – it’s all a little strange here.  Or at least strange to me.

Last weekend my mom came down to go Flea Market shopping and to bring more of my stuff down.  There is a bit left at her house, I will be picking some of it up this weekend as well.  The big thing, my bed was left behind when we could not get it to come apart.  Now it is apart and I worry about getting it back together again.  :)  I will not be bringing that back but I expect in the next week or so it will find it’s way here.

I also got a visit from J and he brought me a housewarming gift – a Pandora bracelet!  It was really thoughtful and sweet and I have been wearing it daily – a feat that many will not understand but for me is a HUGE deal.

Yesterday I went to a hot dog cookout sponsored by the apartment complex hoping to meet a few neighbors…but it was during the day so it was mostly moms and kids that attended.   It was very nice of them to do it however, so I really can’t complain.  I hope at some point I will be able to meet more people.  I am not generally good at that – so any push helps.

Here is what I am learning about myself -

  • I am generally not a very talkative person but I miss talking – I am even reading this out loud as I write it so that I can hear a voice.
  • I call my office a lot more than I thought I would.
  • I call my mom and lot less than I thought I would.
  • While it is odd to not have the world at my fingertips here in Orange, I don’t really miss it so far.  I have what I NEED.
  • I am not generally bothered by living with a mess while I sort things out, but I have to say – what is getting on my nerves is not knowing where things will live permanently.
  • I have a doctor’s appointment today and I have to go out to Fredericksburg to go see a doctor – my boss said that is what happens when you live on the edge of nowhere.
  • Working remotely has its perks – but when you can’t easily sign into the system…it kind of sucks.  Today I heard – there is something deeply complicated going on with my account.  (wonderful way to start the day and it means I will have to work this weekend I am sure)
  • When you only own 4 plates, it is amazing how often you find yourself washing dishes.
  • I had the most amazing burger at Wise Guys in Orange this week with my mom and her friend Bev.  Yummy!  Def worth trying again.
  • So far, at least, most of the people here are very nice and polite…at least compared to NOVA (and I realize that is not saying a whole lot)
  • I have tended to visit the grocery store at lunch time and it is usually me, stay at home moms and senior citizens.  I am not used to being in the minority but there it is.
  • I have been to several stores here that are cramped and not in the best shape – messy or even dungy – but the workers there are so much friendlier than at home that I almost don’t notice.

This weekend I will go home to see mom – and return a couple of things to Ikea – and then to Leesburg to see J.   All in all – not a bad week 2.  Oh – and my couch will be here in a week…so if you were thinking about visiting and need a place to crash for a night I will be ready :)




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5 years

So apparently April was 5 years since I started this blog…the one I am not good with keeping up with.  And since few actually read this anyway (the faithful few!!!), I thought I would like to a couple of my favorite posts of the last 5 years:

A lot of the more personal posts are not listed – if you really want to read about failed relationships, you can explore the blog.  But for now – these are my favorites.



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