Updates on the 40 for my 40th year

Below is a quick update on my 40 for my 40th year list.   I am so not food at these kinds of things but mostly I am trying to give myself a break from feeling overwhelmed or guilty about where I am.  It is Feb.  It will be ok.

40 for my 40th year

  1. Count my blessings everyday – working on this…some days are easier than others.
  2. Be thankful for the blessings I have – again, a work in progress.
  3. Remember that every closed door is not a lost opportunity – but a sign from God to move in another direction or to just wait until the door opens
  4. Make sure that the people I love know how much they mean to me
  5. Look for opportunities to be a blessing to someone else
  6. Devote some time (even a moment) to prayer before I act in anger or frustration
  7. Be present for the moments that I am instead of looking forward or back
  8. Listen instead of just waiting to respond
  9. Make relationships a priority
  10. Take the time to notice the little things around me
  11. Karaoke with friends
  12. At least one night out each month with friends – so far so good.
  13. Photograph DC
  14. Go see an exhibit at VMFA (Hollywood Costume exhibit) – Missed it
  15. Tour the Museum of American History in DC (my favorite)
  16. Rent or see a new movie each month – yep…even have been to the movies which is something!
  17. Go on a date or two
  18. See a live play
  19. Take a road trip -planned for March (hey Penny!)
  20. Scrapbook each month — no excuses – it is not about excuses.  I am trying to get in the mood and right now I am giving myself some room away from it.
  21. Create a scrapbook to commemorate my 40th year – I don’t think I will do this one.  I am trying to live my life instead of concentrating so much on recording what is happening.  Maybe I will circle back here but right now…no.
  22. Work at home at least a couple of days a week to avoid the traffic
  23. New car
  24. Replace my iPhone
  25. Move more
  26. Quit FAST FOOD – not 100 percent but close
  27. Replace old wardrobe items
  28. Use up current scrapbook supplies before buying if at all possible
  29. Find a church
  30. Pay off debts
  31. Move to my own place
  32. Take on a bigger work challenge
  33. Come to terms with my current relationship status – find peace in it for now
  34. Be looking for what God has planned for me
  35. Experience new people instead of hiding from them
  36. Find a therapist
  37. Do a mission project
  38. Spend more time out and less time online (ironic right???)
  39. Reduce my TV time each week (I am well on my way to this) - spotty at best
  40. Acceptance of my own limitations
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One Response to Updates on the 40 for my 40th year

  1. Stef Kurtz says:

    I can help with 11 (we should plan a time in March), 13 & 15 (but let’s wait until it’s a little warmer :) and 37 (http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040444A9A722A75-fellowship …it’s for anyone who wants to help). Love you!!

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