sense knocked into me…

So I had dinner with Penny last night and she knocked some sense into me.  Told me I had made Scott the center of everything and I was losing myself and I needed to make sure that I did not go any farther with it…needed to find me again.  And she was right.  

Went to dinner with Scott tonight and told him how I needed to make some changes where this was concerned and have already decided that I am going to try and do a concert this year – again, back by popular demand.  Where and when to be determined.  But I think at FBCW and I think on a Sunday night and I think…wellI think it is just what I need.  

So, moving on from the nightmare that has been the last couple of months of torturing myself waiting for him to leave me.  Time to start living in the now. 


One comment

  1. janna_u · May 1, 2009

    I absolutely ADORED your concert last year – I would love to see you again! xo

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