weekend update

This weekend was a little unusual.  

Friday night Scott and I had dinner out and went back to his apartment and tried to watch Spaceballs – didn’t realize how long it had been since I had seen it.  We both fell asleep…this is one hot relationship.  🙂  

Saturday Scott woke up sick and I spent most of the day taking care of him.  And to make it even better…the air conditioning in his apartment is not turned on yet…yep – 90 degrees outside, Scott is not feeling well enough to go out, and it was hot and nasty.  We sat around watching DVD’s with a fan directed at us and vegged.  

Sunday morning I went to church to sing and Scott was feeling well enough to come and meet me there.  My grandmother also came.  After church, Scott and I went to see State of Play.  it was a really good movie.  I love to watch DC movies and see what they got wrong.  There is never any traffic, parking is easy to come by and always close to where you were heading, and there are always only white cops – with maybe one token black cop.  However, all in all this movie got a lot of things right.  The movie is about an evil government contractor – oh yeah…I love DC.  

I think for the first time I really realized that I was willing to spend a miserable day (hot uncomfortable and boring at times) with Scott just so that I could have the day with Scott.  And for no other reason.

Love that man.


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