Test results

I have been having some medical issues lately that are a bit difficult to understand.  I have no pain.  I have no outward symptoms that would make you suspect I am sick…and I am not really sick.  I am just not well.  

First and foremost is my weight.  I know I know I am fat.  And I know I am.  And I have tried over the years to lose it.  And I am opposed to surgery to solve the issue.  But at the same time…I hate to diet.  And a life change seems so unbelievably hard…too hard after all this time.  But I have to…they are pushing me towards surgery and I am not going there unless I am on my death bed.

Second,  I am anemic – we don’t really know why but I am anemic.  I will be following up with a doctor about that.

Thirdly, I just may have PCOS.  Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome.  Would explain a multitude of symptoms that I have.  BUT – the one symptom I do not have is cysts on the ovaries…No cysts on my ovaries in poly cystic ovarian symdrome…is that even possible?

More later..but know that this is going to be a long journey to figure out what is causing all of this.



1 thought on “Test results”

  1. You are right that the surgery is not to be taken lightly. I know several people that have had it and they have all suffered from blockages or other complications at times. In addition, one of them still suffered from “food issues” and has gained back all of the original weight, which is devastating to her. Best of luck finding your answers

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