Never ending saga to get to Disney…

So I was all worried during the week about the effects of the Metformin.  And nothing since I went off it…well nothing that was drug related.  I woke up Tuesday with a small pink area on my ankle that was hot to the touch and quite honestly felt like the beginning of a boil or maybe a sunburn.  Then by Wednesday it had crawled up my leg and produced angry red marks that looked like a bruise starting.  So back to the doc -this time the urgent care – and I have an infection.  It might be Shingles.  It might be a bug bite.  It might be cellulitis.  But I think we caught it early.  My leg is swollen (not as bad as before) and I am on 2 different meds to make sure it goes.  And tomorrow I fly out to Disney.  

Then this AM – my nephew is sick.   Flu.  And yucky.  And he has to be better by tomorrow.  he has to.


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