Lots going on

Well there has been a lot going on.  A lot.  Last week I was in Disney with the family.  I "celebrated" my 6 month anniversary with Scott, and could not wait to get home.  Then Monday it all fell apart.  Scott called it off.  And I wish I could articulate this all…I am not mad at him.  I am sad.  And confused.  And a bit bewildered.  But I’m not mad.  I want him to find what he is looking for, with or without me.  And I hope that someday we can be friends.  But I can’t right now.  

The rug has been pulled out.  It took me 35 years to find him and now it is over.  So God…what is this all about?  You have a plan, right?  Just make my path a little clearer right now…Just make me understand.  

And help me say goodbye.  Help me put it behind me.  Please. 


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