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Cathargic meeting and other things happening…

Hello all. I decided to start writing like someone is actually reading this.

Yesterday I went to see Scott. And I am really glad I did. I considered canceling and just mailing him back his stuff but I felt guilty for even thinking that. So I went and you know what? It was really a bit of closure for me. We talked a little, laughed like it was old times, and then completely unprovoked, he said he really had missed me and he hugged me. And in that moment, I knew it was going to be ok. Part of my struggle has been that none of this seemed to have any impact on him and since I had not seen him and he is not the type to post it on Facebook or anything, I had no indication that any of this affected him at all. And it has been hard believing that he just moved on once it was over…poof…one day together, next day forgotten. But there it was. His simple declaration and the clinging hug in the parking lot of his apartments and all of it made sense again. And I felt like I could move on because I had confirmation that it was real…it meant something to both of us…and that even though it was over – well we were going to be ok. We may never be friends the same way – I still wonder if we will ever be able to just hang out – but I know that if I ran into him, we could laugh and talk and be ok. And that is such a good start.



4 thoughts on “Cathargic meeting and other things happening…”

  1. I’m *so* glad the meeting went well! (Sorry I give crappy advice 🙂 ) I am happy that he put himself out there and told you how we felt inside when he could have just as easily kept it to himself. True friendship. xo

    1. thanks

      Thanks for posting Janna. It is somewhat comforting to know at least one person is reading. And you do not give crappy advice. Just wasn’t the advice I needed that’s all…in fact you and I were on the same wavelength. I wanted to cancel. And I forced myself not to.

      Miss you…I am going to try and shop at GASC on Saturday…will you be there?

      1. Re: thanks

        I am a subscriber to your blog – I read every post! 🙂 Yes, I will be at GASC on Saturday, too. Are you planning to crop that night?

  2. adding color

    “writing like someone is actually reading this”…Have actually been reading them as you post them, but I haven’t left comments because I was too lazy to register. Now I understand it was fear because someone else used pennyjo and I had to go with penelope. I was pretty excited when I saw the red pictures before I even started reading. That tells me a little bit about your mental state. I’m so glad that all went well. And that you are obviously starting to bloom again. Love the pics. pj

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