On a more personal note…

So I was reading back through my blog and realized that I had stopped talking about me in the posts and I think it is time for a small update. Nothing really has been going on that is especially exciting. And maybe that is my reluctance to write. It is easier to write about scrapbooking since 1 – I know I can talk about it for hours, 2 – the pictures inspire me and 3 – well it is more interesting that most of what is going on right now. But I realize that I started this blog as a way to get things out of my system and and I need to follow through on that. So what has been happening:

1. Health issues. Not a whole lot since last I wrote about it. The biggest thing is that my healthcare is changing and I am not sure I can afford to be seeing doctors like I was. In fact I am not sure that I can afford to see a doctor even in an emergency anymore. So for now most of the issues will be on the back burner (thankfully there is nothing life threatening) and I will have to see how I can swing it from now on.

2. Scott issues. Well there aren’t any. That’s simple.

3. Other man issues. Other man you say? Well sort of and sort of not. I am NOT DATING. I am not even thinking about it really. But, there is a guy I used to know and he called out of the blue. I didn’t want to date him a year ago and I don’t now. But it did bring to mind whether or not I think I will date again soon. Will I look? Will I pursue dating again or wait until I feel like this thing with Scott is really out of my system. And more importantly, can I handle it when it becomes apparent that Scott already has?

4. Work. No issues really. Just tough times in our business – and most others – and it will take a while to get back on our feet. I am trying to stay positive though and just do my job.

5. Concert. Planned for Oct 4 at 6:30 at FBCW, the concert is moving along. I am still short a piano player, a guitar player and a tenor, BUT I am getting closer on closing in on the songs to sing and the order of the show. And this early in the game, that is an accomplishment.

6. Voice lessons. I contacted Doug but have not heard a word from him in a couple of weeks. Was hoping to have started by now. Maybe this will not happen.

7. Scrapbooking. I got all of the items I needed for Sara’s wedding album. I have been working on finishing some incomplete projects. And making cards. Little by little. Oh and I am weeding out my craft room. LOTS to get rid of. LOTS AND LOTS.

I am heading to the movies tonight to see The Hangover with Sara (hope we are still on) and it will be nice to just go. Not much time left before she is married and gone. Will miss her terribly.

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