Energy Loss or How I Spent My Lazy Weekend

Yep. I was extremely lazy this weekend. Didn’t even leave the house Saturday or Sunday. And I am ok with it. Yes it bothers me to be like that but I needed it this weekend. Been feeling rather blue lately – run down, sluggish and a bit depressed. Not really sure what is going on with me but I know that while awaiting word from God on the next step, I am struggling to find my footing in this current phase.

I did accomplish a few things. A few loads of laundry. Some scrapbooking. Preparing pictures for the Color Challenge (man, I really wanted to get them SCRAPPED – but I did get them prepped). Watched Slumdog Millionaire and Medea Goes to Jail…high-brow and low-brow in the same weekend (just the way I like it). This week is grocery shopping (tonight), Voice Lesson (tomorrow), and dinner on Thursday with Sara and Angie. Oh and Great American Scrapbook Convention on Saturday…I was going to cancel but my mom is insisting we need to go.

Moving forward on my ideas for Sara’s wedding album. Starting planning for her Bridal Shower. And got some ideas together for her wedding program (need to go into the wedding business!). Got the last of the pages one for my Tennessee family vacation album (from 2 years ago) and started planning out the Disney Album from this Spring. Need to get pics from the family to get going on it though. And in all of this I am trying to learn how to use Photoshop Elements that I splurged on.

I am a little worried about the concert as things are not coming together as I would like them to – and not nearly as easy as last year. Still missing a tenor, a guitar player and a pianist. And I just can’t seem to get motivated to do a lot more until I know if this is all going to happen. Not sure if I need to change my plans or just cancel altogether and do it later. Maybe it is the wrong time.

Sounds like a lot. And it is. But still…lingering doubts. And this major loss of interest in things. Trying each day to move forward. Move on. And move around obstacles.

“You don’t have to move that mountain, just help me Lord to climb it.”


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