books and movies and reviews…oh my.

I have a tendency to go through cycles where movies and/or books become very important for a while and then I seem to run out of time and they go by the wayside for a while. Lately, I am back in the swing of things and I thought I would take a moment to discuss some of the things I have been reading and seeing lately. Maybe get a discussion started.

So movies:

He’s Just Not That Into You – funny, truthful in a painful sort of way, and proof positive that women are their own worst enemies. We tell each other lies to protect each other and ourselves and then we can’t understand why the outcome disappoints. If you have not read the book, or seen the movie, the basic premise is that women are conditioned to believe from a young age that the “signals” men give mean what we want them to believe. The boy in 1st grade who pulled your hair – he liked you. The loner in high school who was too cool to talk to you in public but was ok in private – he liked you too much to let anyone know. And the guy who says he doesn’t want to get married – well secretly he does….just wait. And the movie shows you different types of relationships and how men and women react to things happening. And how they affect and effect each other in the process.

There is a great part where this girl figures out she is NOT the exception. She is the rule. Women tell each other and themselves that they are the exception. He cheats, but not on me. He lies, but not to me. He will call after the meeting in the bar – he may have never called any of the numbers he EVER got in a bar – but I am the exception. And she finally understands that she is the rule. He will treat her as he has treated every other girl so far. And she needs to accept that.

So I was thinking about this exception idea and I realize that I often think of myself as the exception. Usually not with men, but in many areas of my life I see what is happening and think, that won’t happen to me. And I see how I delude myself into feeling secure and then am blown away by the end result when it is proved that once again – I am the rule. I am no different. I am not the exception.

I had one problem with the movie and that was the Hollywood ending. Each character ended up in a better place as a result and some of the women who had been deluding themselves and each other in the film, ended up actually getting what they wanted. Not in the way it was expected and sometimes not with whom it was expected, but they got it anyway. Sometimes there is no happy ending to a story. And I wish they had followed through on that.

Gran Torino – I am not a Clint Eastwood Fan. In fact, until this movie, I had never watched a Clint Eastwood movie all the way through without skipping parts. Oh wait, I did watch Bridges of Madison County but that was not a typical Eastwood film so I won’t really count it. And I have to say, this movie was so good. The language is harsh, the racial slurs were hard to hear and I was worried about the violence which for Eastwood was I guess minimal. But the movie, the story, the idea was phenomenal. A man who hates everyone and then risks himself to save others.I will not say a lot more, but it is well worth the rent.

Confessions of a Shopaholic – I love Amy Adams. And I thought she was charming in this movie. My mother didn’t like it. And I can see why. But I thought it was fun. And I got into the story of this woman who was addicted and couldn’t seem to get out of it…like she couldn’t break the habit and in a way, with all it cost her, she didn’t want to. And the crux of the movie is really – what are things worth? Not cost, but worth. She almost loses her best friend, her love and she does lose her dignity and her job as a result of her not understanding worth. Not the greatest movie, but fun, escapist and worth the rental – if not the ticket price in the theatre.

And a few books:

I only have a couple of authors I read all the time. Mary Higgins Clark. John Grisham. And James Patterson. And I throw others in often, but these are my go-to’s…the ones I try not to miss. And I have been behind. So I am working through some recent ones that I missed.

Run For Your Life – James Patterson
7th Heaven – James Patterson
Just take My Heart – Mary Higgins Clark
Where Are You Now – Mary Higgins Clark

And I have a few more I have to get to. I would post about each book but I realized as I started that they are all basically the same kind of book. Maybe when I read something different.


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