Where oh where have I been?

I realized that tomorrow it will have been one week since I posted last and that is just disgraceful…I had some time this weekend but felt slow on inspiration. So here is another update.

I was sick a lot this week. Not feeling well at all. And I am not sure what it was…tired, run down, ucky feeling and totally not motivated. I did manage to finish the design of Sara’s bridal show invites and just have to get them attached to the bases once I have the date and time verified by Laurie and Nancy. That will be nice to be done with them.

And I finally ordered a new computer that will be mine…a laptop from Dell that I could build as I wanted it. The computer at home is mom’s and works well for things like Internet searches and such but I am noticing some problems with memory in larger programs (RAM not hard disk memory) and so this one is faster and should get rid of those issues. And I am pretty excited about it. And it’s pink…loving this girly thing I have been doing lately.

And to slightly break a self-imposed radio silence, I was home all weekend by myself this weekend and I never once thought that I would rather be with Scott. In fact, I think it was the first weekend in like 7 months I have felt that way. And I am feeling pretty good about it. Progress.

In other news…well is there any other news? Ummm…voice lessons are going. I think each week I realize that my biggest obstacle is me. I mean I know that sort of, but when I get pushed like I have been, I realize that I sabotage myself in hopes that Doug will tell me what I think I already know…I don’t deserve the praise I get. And yet he is fairly confident that I could be so much better than I let myself be. And I find myself teary in my lessons when he tells me so. It makes him uncomfortable I can tell, but I am emotional – especially about this – and he will just have to get used to it. He heaps on praise and I am not used to it and it makes me uncomfortable to hear it. And it is a cycle that has to be broken. I’m working on it.

What else? mmm…saw Spiderman 3 this weekend and watched the old Harry Potter movies in prep for the new one coming out this Wednesday. Oh, and I watched the Secret Life of Bees – great movie. Chick flick movie, but really good. Didn’t read at all this weekend. Need to start a new book but I am delaying it cause I am afraid that I will not finish some other things if I start one.

That’s really it. I mean now that the emotional upheaval is over, I wondered about continuing the blog, but I like using it to record what is happening or not happening and also to use it for crafting purposes. So stick with me. Tonight I hope to post a picture of the invites to Sara’s wedding…maybe today if I can get this picture to work from my phone. And then some more updates on the challenge of me and some other projects.


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