It makes me happy

Happiness is something that I find I don’t write about often.  In fact, I don’t think about it very often unless it is in the I am NOT happy connotation.  And sometimes that bothers me.  (See still unhappy)  And in response to that today we talk about things that make me happy.

  • My family
  • Hayley being too old for her age
  • Jake as Batman
  • Reading
  • Movies – ok good movies
  • getting ready for the next season of Lost – yes I know it is not until next year
  • awaiting American Idol
  • Top Chef Masters (anyone watch this???? :LOVE IT)
  • Tim Gunn
  • my iPod and iTunes
  • my new laptop that should be arriving any day
  • my car (yes I finally love my own car)
  • Dinners with Sara and Angie
  • Harry Potter – LOVE that is back in the news reminding me why I loved it originally
  • Kathy Griffin – I know I know she is dirty but she is soooo funny
  • Mix 107.3 Jack Diamond in the morning
  • finishing spreadsheets
  • Cosmo Cricket paper
  • My Crop-A-Dile
  • working on Sara’s bridal shower and wedding album
  • Photoshop Elements
  • working on my disney photos
  • making cards
  • emails and phone calls with Penny
  • phone calls with Matthew
  • singing
  • Dr. Horrible
  • reruns of Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother
  • Hero Arts stamps
  • Papertrey card samples
  • Ali Edward’s blog
  • Donna Downey’s blog

See it is not impossible to find things to be happy about.  And there are a ton more.  And that makes me happiest of all.


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