First Baptist Church

ten years and counting…

August marks my tenth year at First Baptist Church of Woodbridge and the anniversary allows me the opportunity to look forward, to look back and to prepare for what is next.  I have had the opportunity to work in the women’s ministry, lead a Sunday School class for single adults and spent time as a worship leader in the both the choir and the praise team.  I found myself learning and growing and becoming a better person in these ten years and have seen how God has been able to use me as well as places where I have resisted God and had to learn the hard way.  

Now as I move into my second decade I want to take a quick look back at some of the people who I met in my time at FBCW who have shaped my life – who God has used to move me along my path – and say thank you.

  • Heather – my sister was the catalyst that got me in the door
  • Teri Miller – who sat and patiently explained away all of my excuses for not committing to a full relationship with God and all that it means
  • Kely Hatley – who taught me what it means to be a worship leader and how much work it takes to offer your very best
  • Terri Tayon – who gave the ability to speak 2 languages and offered laughter along the way
  • Keith Walker – who provided comic relief and a kindness that is unmatched
  • Robyn Walker – who opened her home to me and others each month and made me feel a part of the larger women’s ministry
  • Laurie Kennedy – who was my choir mom – and always will be
  • Matthew Terry – who became my best friend and has remained so for 8 years
  • Mark and Mary Anway – who offered me the best possible scenario – love lasting for many years and a commitment to God and others that has gotten them that far.
  • Caryn Collier – who invited me to work for the women of FBCW and gave me the confidence to do so
  • Penny Horn – there are too many things to list here but mostly it is the willingness to share her life with me
  • Montine Wewerka – the kindest heart and the most willing to listen
  • Sara Kennedy – who listened with no judgement and advised when necessary – sometimes I feel like she was also my mentor

There are many more who have touched my life over the years.  And I will get to them over the next couple of days.



2 thoughts on “ten years and counting…”

  1. awwww, thank you Michelle — although the mentor part is more the other way around! I’m gonna miss you terribly!!!!

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