The Next Food Network Star…

Last night I watched the season finale of the Next Food Network Star.  Now as some of you know, I am a food TV junkie…I mean addict…like I should have tracks on my arms (or I guess my eyes) from repeated viewing.  I have never once really made anything I have seen.  I have never had the urge to stop watching and try some of the recipes and I know for certain that Rachel Ray is the only person in the world who can make those meals in 30 minutes or less.  But I love Food Network almost as much as I love Lost and that is saying tons.  So each season I have watched with interest the reality program – Next Food Network Star.  And sometimes I thought they got it wrong.  And sometimes I thought the right person won but the show they did turned out awful.  And sometimes I saw the loser get a show I liked better than the winners show.  But last night they crowned Melissa – mother of 4 little ones – the winner and I thought she was awesome.  And I am really excited to see her show.

I picked Melissa early on in the competition as she was the proverbial underdog.  In a sea of professional cooks – she was a home cook.  In a competition of food business owners and working chefs – she was a mom.  And she was a little frenetic and very overwhelmed at times…and a bit intimidated.  She had to cook for some of the toughest palates in the world.  Celebrity chefs and restaurant owners from around the country – from some of the hippest and best places to eat – sampled some of her food.  And she beat them all to win the show.  With a smile.

I bring all this up because I was recently asked to occasionally contribute devotional blogs to a new First Baptist Women’s Blog that will be hitting the screens soon.  And I am feeling a bit intimidated.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Women whose writing I seriously admire will be adding content to this blog.  And for a moment I thought “who am I to do this?  Penny, Caryn, Montine, Nancy, Teri – any of these women would be so much more suited for this.”  But, like Melissa, I have a chance to stand with the best…not in competition (thanks be to God) but in solidarity – raising my voice with theirs to praise God.  So on to this new adventure…God be with me.

1 thought on “The Next Food Network Star…”

  1. Wow. Okay, first, wow – thanks. (Not so impressive huh?) You know what? Have I always mentioned you’d make a great writer? I simply cannot wait to read it. If God asks you, God will supply you.

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