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wireless internet and other distractions

I recently bought a laptop.  While it was not my fist computer purchase, it was the first laptop I bought.  And I had to get wireless internet for the house.  Had to.  Yes this is the crux of the issue – I HAD TO GET INTERNET.  You know what I am talking about.  The need to have to be connected.  To check Facebook 300 times a day.  To check my blog statistics and see how many times it has been viewed each day – 21 is my current record.  To check email and blogs and all those other things that manage to distract me.  Tomorrow I get a new bed at home and all I keep thinking is that there is a plug right there where my laptop can be plugged in and I can use it in bed.  Yes, I am obsessed.

I love the convenience of the laptop.  But I notice that it keeps me from human interaction.  I have to force myself to call people who I only talk to online every so often so that I remember how to hold a conversation (which has always been a struggle for me anyways).  And then there are the countless others that I seem to only know online – although at one time that was not the case.  And I never meet new people.  The last one I met was from an online connection.  And, well as you know, it ended badly.

I am trying to get music together for the concert this fall – using the internet is a big help there.  And I will be cutting CD’s for the band – using the laptop.  And I am sure I can justify this in a thousand more ways over the next couple of weeks (updating the blog…is that a good reason?).  What I can’t justify yet is the replacement of human connection that I got when I got online.

I am surrounded by people on a weekly basis.  But I never meet new people.  I need some connections.  Anyone out there?

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