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As some of you know, I had the privilegde of being part of the Women’s Mentoring program at FBCW called Heart to Heart.   This preogram led me to one of the mot important people in my life – my mentor and friend Penny.  And I can’t really imagine not knowing her.  But (sorry Penny) the post is not about her.  The post is not even about Heart to Heart.  I urge you to stop here and read the article in the link above if you have not.

What I love about what Jan has to say is that it highlights two things that are so important: 1.  It is all about relationships.   and 2.  It is not about programs per se but a willingness to share what you have learned.    I look at couples like Scott & Teri Miller who have opened their home and their lives and their STORY to some of the young couples in the church.  The young parents and newlyweds who are experiencing one of life’s biggest changes.  I see Nathan Thompson working with the youth praise team each week.  And I have benefited from Caryn Collier and Montine Wewerka who have been helping women like me fgure out how to use the gifts that God gave them to serve others.  

The article also highlighted a truth we all recognize but rarely talk about: we call each other friends, we hug and say hi, and catch up for a moment each week…but how many people do we actually care enough about to really get the answers?  How many of those conversations are really meaningful and how closely are you listening to the response?   But the truth of he matter is, how often do we take the time to ask the questions that mean something.  How often can yousay that you know where somone else is spiritually speaking?  And how many do you care to find out about?


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