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Reserving Judgement for now.

The Heath Care debate.  I will not blame you if you close out now and decide not to read this.  I have been debating it for a while and obviously the “write it” side won.

A lot has been said in recent weeks about the proposed health care reform brought by the Obama White House.   And I have read, and then walked away, and then read and then walked away many many times as the “debates” seem like hysterical yelling on both sides of the argument.

So here is what I know:

I have health insurance through my work.

I can’t afford to actually see a doctor with the insurance I get at work.

I hope and pray every day that I don’t get sick as seeing a doctor would be impossible with the money situation right now.

Since my insurance changed in the last 3 months, the doctor I was seeing is no longer part of my healthcare plan.

My old doctors office has closed, so I needed to have my records moved to a new doctor – one I hope to not see – and when I started calling doctors in my plan to see where I could have them sent, I was told (by 4 offices) that the doctors would not take new patients before I found one that would.

I have a full time job and have never had to use any government subsidies to pay for medical care or food or housing.  I am lucky in that respect.  But if I get sick, I am in trouble.

I do not know all of the specifics of Obama’s plan.  And I am not taking sides.  But I will tell you this – there has to be a better way than the one we have now.  For the 2/3 of American’s with great health insurance, or even passable health insurance, good for you.  For the rest of us…well we need something and fast.


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