It comes in threes

fan-731210They say bad things happen in threes.   And we have hit our three:  The dishwasher broke, the air conditioning broke, and my mom was in the hospital for kidney stones.   As my mom said “OK God, that’s three…it’s over right?”

So in the midst of these three things, I have been more aware of the good things that have been happening.  My dear friend Sara is getting married.  And her bridal shower was on Saturday.  While my mom was having surgery.  And you know what?  As bad as it may sound, it was just the distraction I needed to take my mind off of my mom’s being in the hospital.  Waiting for surgery to be over can be brutal – even when it is not necessarily life threatening – and being able to focus elsewhere was a HUGE help.

And with the air conditioning out at the house, I went to bed earlier than normal and woke up earlier.  And got to work earlier.  Granted, it was because I couldn’t get out of the house fast enough, but it was good.

I have not seen the bright side of the dishwasher yet, but I am looking.


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