Inspiration, Organization


I am often inspired by things I see on the web.  And I wanted to share some of those with you today.  And we will do this “Storytellers” style so I am explain what I find so darn inspiring about them.

First – let me say that I long for organization.  I love the process of organizing but I am HORRIBLE at the upkeep.  Which means I am organized and not organized at the same time.  So when I see pictures of terribly organized spaces, I want to follow suit – and I also know that mine will only look like that for a day or so.  But still I aspire.  So here is something I found today that gave me goosebumps.

closet-270x360 This picture from Martha Stewart Crafts Department is full of crafty goodness.  500 boxes of crafting supplies – labeled and in some cases color coded (!!!!) and waiting to be used for some upcoming and as yet to be discovered crafting genius.  This is like Nirvana to me – to have all of this available for use and ready to go and easy to find and – ok I am getting a little too excited about plastic boxes you can find at the dollar store.  But oh my goodness I love this.


The second bit of inspiration for today came from an old blog post by a favorite scrapbooking blogger named Dawn McVey.  She posts these color challenges called Raspberry Suite Color Challenges.  Part of what I love about these challenges is that the inspiration always comes from somewhere other than scrapbooking…like this one is a vase of flowers.


Now think of the possibilities of this.  You can take these colors and use them in a variety of ways.

You can make a card:

3570158047_d23be1e725_m found at

You can decorate a room:

Summer-Color-Slide-Show-Fushia-Lime-Shelly-Riehl-David_w609See how the walls were the green and she accented with the “raspberry” color???  Cool right?


Or you can take and use it for just one element in a room:


What inspired you today?

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