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Concert preview

My concert is this weekend and tonight is the second to last rehearsal.  I thought I would give a small preview of the show and tell about how it came about.

Several years ago, the music minister at the time, Kely, was working on his doctorate (he is now Dr. Kely) and had to teach a class or two as part of the program.  And so he taught this class about worship.  And one night in that class, we were talking about music styles.  One lady claimed that the contemporary stuff was not here to stay – it was 7-11 music (7 words sung 11 times) and therefore disposable.  The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as one thing I love about some of the contemporary music is the lyrical content.  Sure there are chorus’ that are 7 words sung 11 times, but there are chorus’ like that in the hymnal as well.

So all these years later, that comment has stuck with me.  And I want to prove it wrong.  The bridge from contemporary music to traditional hymns is not that far.  And that brought me to this song list.

Traditional Hymns Re-imagined

  • Be Thou My Vision
  • Rock of Ages
  • My Jesus I Love Thee
  • It Is Well

Traditional Hymns with New Material Added

  • Wonderful Cross
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
  • Grace Like Rain

New Hymns

  • Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer
  • In Christ Alone
  • How Deep the Fathers Love For Us

Praise and Worship Music Now in the Baptist Hymnal

  • He Knows My Name
  • How Great Is Our God
  • Rise Up and Praise Him
  • Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)

And we will start and end the show with I Love You Lord.

I do hope you can join us.  October 4, 2oo9 at 6:30pm in the sanctuary at First Baptist Church of Woodbridge.

For more info or directions, please email me at


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