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stopping and starting

I have stopped and started about 10 different posts since my last one and each time I have to stop cause I just ain’t feeling it.  So I thought I would do a quick roundup of things going on…

  • My mom and I babysat this weekend for my niece and nephew and found out that Jake “likes boobs”
  • Drove about 150 miles round trip for some pumpkins on Monday
  • Attended a funeral on Tuesday.  Funerals make me think about making amends with people.  Sent an email that I hope I don’t regret.
  • Been thinking a lot about where I am as a crafter right now.  Been in a buying phase and not a using phase.  This needs to stop.  I need to create.  Read a great article by an online crafter who said that she felt there were 3 phases to learning a new skill and she related them to her crafting:  Imitate, Assimilate and Innovate.  When I think about where I am in this scenario – I am still such a beginner.  But I am working on it.  Check out her blog on my blog roll to the right – Becky Oehlers (
  • Missing some people right now – things are a bit lonely…it is just a phase I know but it sucks all the same.
  • Talked to Jeff about the possibility of getting back in the praise team.  He’s open, I’m open…next month I may get to try.
  • Sick and tired of fast food.  Need to cook again.  Grocery shopping tonight.  And the weekend is mine.  Maybe I will get some things done.

Boring post I know – well except the Jake likes boobs part (that’s kind of funny).


1 thought on “stopping and starting”

  1. No, not boring. Newsy. Reminded me how much I like Jake, curious about the email, wishing I lived close enough to fast food to overdo. Also struggling with the next post on my blog. As long as I’m reading yours, I’m too busy to worry about it.

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