Goings on 11.20.09

Seems like I have been neglecting the blog a little bit.  Not on purpose I assure you.  Seems I have gotten myself involved in a bit much right now…and so things will be sketchy until I get all caught up but here is a quick roundup:

  • I sang with the Praise Team for the first time in almost 4 years on Nov 15.  It was scary.  And fun.  And nerve-racking.  And exhilarating.  More to come in December.  Just need to get past the scary parts.
  • I will be officially taking over the operation of the Women’s Ministry Blog for First Baptist.  Karen Wilson – who has done an amazing job setting us up and getting us running – has felt God calling her elsewhere and has stepped down.   If you ahve not checked out the blog…please do at (or by clicking on the link on my right hand toolbar).
  • I will be singing “O Holy NIght” for Christmas Eve this year.  If you can join us, the services are at 5:30 and 7:30 at the First Baptist Church of Woodbridge.
  • I did in fact draw a winner for the Post 100 drawing….drumroll please….the winner is Teri Miller!  She writes one comment and wins a prize…see how easy that is?  Next time I hope you will join us.  I am working on finishing the prize for Ms. Miller and should have it to her by Dec 1.  Teri – I will email you with the details.
  • Spending Thanksgiving with my sister and her family and her in-laws.  It will most likely be the last one for a while…not really sure how any of us will handle them being so far away.
  • Not ready for Christmas shopping.  Are you?
  • There are a few special events at FBCW this year for Christmas…hope you can join us for these special services:
    • December 4 – Women’s Ministry Ornament Exchange.  Sign-ups at the Women’s Ministry table.  Please do sign up as the event usually is full and there may not be enough seats if you do not sign-up.
    • December 13 – Choir christmas concert – The Festival of 9 Lessons and Carols
    • December 20 – Praise Team christmas concert – The Story Part 1
    • December 24 – Christmas Eve at 5:30 and 7:30 (the first service tends to be full so arrive early to ensure you have a seat)
  • Happy to know a new year and a new decade are coming soon…this one was not one for the books as far as I am concerned.
  • Finished setting up my Christmas Journal book for scrapbooking my Christmas this year.
  • Finally, my hard drive died on my computer.  Somethings were lost.  I hopefully will have a new one tomorrow.  If I ask you a second time for pictures or files…well don’t be too mad…

Have a good week all.

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