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A really difficult December…

December has always been a busy month…shopping, family visits, friends and work engagements, and my birthday.  Seems like each year got busier and busier.  Then 10 years ago, I started singing at church, and it went to crazy busy.  Then 5 years or so ago, I got involved in Women’s Ministry and the busyness went to Warp Speed (sorry for the geeky reference but you get what I am saying right?).

Then after a short break where I was busy but not overly so last year, this year was looking to be back to Warp Speed (really need to find a better way to say that).  I had 2 concerts, my first official weekend back in the Praise Team and my, now traditional “O Holy Night” on Christmas Eve.  Then I got sick.  Yep…sick.  First the cold…sneezing, congestion, Rudolph’s nose – the works.  Then Tuesday the 8th I woke up to NO VOICE…a singer with NO VOICE is a very very very bad thing.  Especially just 5 days prior to the first concert of the season.

So I made the difficult decision to not sing in the program I had been rehearsing for and try to save my voice for the concert this weekend.  But this dang cough is not going away.  I went to Urgent Care this AM and got checked out…it’s bronchitis.   And an irritated bronchial tube.   I came in to work today armed with a new cough medicine, steriods and an antibiotic to cover all of the bases.  Now I just need to get better by Sunday…or Saturday morning for Dress Rehearsal.

I need a Christmas Miracle….


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