New Years Inspiration

Feeling the need for a little inspiring today…how about these?

1.  Bound and determined to get one of these from IKEA this year for the craft room at home.  2.  Been ogling this book for a week now…feeling the need to simplify, purge, pare down lately.  Must be the new year.  Or my age.  3.  Promised myself I would not buy any new crafting items (YIKES!) until I used some of what I have…only things like adhesive and such.   Maybe a class or two would help me use it up.  Looking at classes here lately.  4.  Loving these notebooks that have a space for writing and drawing (or in my case glueing something in.  5.  I love seeing what creative people can do with everyday objects.  Look at these trees made out of toilet paper tubes that are now ART.  6.  And in true Dork fashion, I have to include my most anticipated thing this year…the final season of LOST.

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