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Time and other rants

There are many things that annoy me.  I know – shocking right?  So here is a quick roundup of things that annoy me right now:

  • I am fanatical about being on time.  I hate being late.  And I really hate when I have to wait for people who are perpetually late.  You are then wasting my time.  And that sucks.
  • I am impatient.  And never more so than behind the wheel of my car.  It it terrible to admit it, but I am a screaming, yelling, gesture making (I really try not to do this) kind of driver.  It annoys me that I get so annoyed.  How’s that for revelation?
  • I used to work in retail.  And nothing annoys me more than bad customer service.  A cashier talking on the phone or talking to another cashier when ringing me out.  A customer service person who does not know where things are located.  Or the blank stare from store personnel when you ask if there are any more in the back – different color, size, something (believe it or not this is not a stupid question and should be asked prior to leaving the store empty-handed if at all possible).
  • People who stop on a dime in the middle of an aisle or hallway so they can talk.  Or they want to look at something in an aisle and leave their cart in the middle of the aisle so no one can pass.  Or they are walking and decide to weave in front of you for no apparent reason but a change of scenery – causing you to be the one that has to stop on a dime in front of someone else.

I bring all this up today because of an article I read last month.  I posted a link to it on my Facebook page and for some reason it is on my mind today.  It was an article about Tiger Woods and the press surrounding his fall from grace (which I find a bad way to phrase it since he was an athlete not a god).  One of the points of the article was that part of what allowed Tiger to trust all these women to not tell on him, to not go to the press, to not “out him” so to speak was that he did not see them as people.  They were just objects to him.  They were not humans with wants and needs and egos and desires.  They were just to be used for a purpose and to him would then just go away.  Maybe throw some money their way if that helped make it happen.

And this brings me to my list of annoyances.  In each case, I have no idea what the other person is thinking, feeling or knowing.  When they annoy me, they are no longer people…just objects in my way.

And what does that say?

1 thought on “Time and other rants”

  1. Good one. I have a “right” comment – I try to always think that I may be the only face of Jesus that people see that day. My “real” comment is that I rarely am able to remember that and all of those irritations seem fairly reasonable to me.

    The car thing? My daddy was about the most patient, Christian man I know…until he got behind the wheel of our car. Then he turned into this totally different, agressive person. So I’ve decided that each car comes with an interior personality and you’re stuck with the one you got with the car. I don’t accuse you of being a road warrior; I accuse you of car shopping poorly.

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