So much has been written about Haiti and the devastation there after the horrific earthquake tore apart the capital city and surrounding area.  I have seen countless newscasts with pictures of the people and the buildings and the grief.  And then today I read that Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines decided to once again have Haiti be part of it’s cruises…albeit over 100 miles from the earthquake area.  And I read their reasoning and I read the criticism.    And it has left me wondering…

The cruise line says that adding that stop back in is good for Haiti.  1.  It is cash for the people and workers there.  2.  Those people will be helping financially those affected by the earthquake.  3.  The ships can bring much needed supplies to Haiti on those stops.


Can you imagine being a passenger on a cruise ship, going ashore, enjoying jet skiing and mai-tai’s on the beach and doing a little souvenir shopping in a place that is so overwrought with pain?

Remember how you felt when Katrina happened.  Even from the safety of 1000 miles I was affected.  I was in pain for what I saw and for what I heard and for those I knew who may or may not have been affected.   Or maybe it was footage of 9/11 – which you may have seen from the relative safety of Nebraska or Kansas…was it any less real for you?  Any less painful to see?

I know the point the cruise lines are making…but I don’t think I could do it.  What do you think?


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