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What’s happening???

I know I have been a bad blogger.  I know I have neglected this blog for way too long.  I know that I have missed writing.  I thought I would kick off my renewed commitment to this by giving a status update:

1.  It has snowed here 4 times this year?  Is that right?  4 times and it is only Feb 3?  How can this be and since when did I move to the cold north?  Oh, right…I didn’t.  The cold came to me.

2.  I had planned to go to CA this year to see Matthew…not gonna happen.  Why?  Well I have to pay taxes this year…no refunds for me.  It is my fault and I will rectify it this year…and it could have been much much worse.  I owe all of $40.00 to federal and state combined.  But it is a first for me.

3.  Got a new camera and have been snapping pics left and right trying out settings and such.  Now I need to download them and get to posting.

4.  Going scrapbooking in Virginia Beach this month and I can’t wait.  Going to finish Matthew’s book from his cruise and my book from Disney last year and maybe a few smaller projects.  Can’t wait to get that all started and finished.

5.  Made plans to visit Miss Penny in SC this spring.  After all of the snow here I can’t wait to go south.  Charleston and Savannah here I come!

6.  Heather and I are going to see Wicked in Richmond for her birthday.  It will be the last time we really get to do something like it before she leaves.  I hate saying that…before she leaves.  But the time is coming fast.

So I will try and get some pics uploaded soon so you can see my not very good photography skills and I can clear out some of the photos on the memory card.

In the meantime, take a look at this stuff:

these are called MMMMvelopes and the adhesive is bacon flavored.  Made by J&D, you can find them here.  And yes they do look like bacon.

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