Sleeping well

This past weekend I was at a scrapbooking event in Va Beach.  And while there was a lot of good, one thing made the experience bad.  I couldn’t sleep.  Couldn’t get comfortable, woke up tired and hurting and each morning I was in a worse mood than the day before.

I never really thought about the link between not sleeping well and being in a bad mood.  But this AM, I woke up prior to the alarm, and am feeling much better.  Much different than the weekend where I struggled to get out of bed, cursed the alarm going off, and spent a good 3 or 4 hours feeling drained each AM.  And this perspective, makes the weekend bittersweet.

One good nights sleep could have prevented the loss of creativity, loss of productive scrapping time, loss of the irritation with little things and would have made things easier on my traveling companions.

This was the last weekend that I will likely get to spend with my sister, mom and friends Sue and Kathleen scrapping.  Heather will be off to Texas soon and the odds of this yearly tradition continuing are significantly dwindling.   And maybe that’s truly the issue.  I will miss these times together.  My sister and I were not always friends, and we still rarely see completely eye to eye.  We are black and white, yin and yang, and at times oil and water.  Her sunny outlook and my at times depressing nature clash often.  She shakes her head at me in disbelief and I roll my eyes in a similar brand of disbelief.

But, she is in many ways the person I wish I was.  And at times the one I know I never could be.  And never want to be.  That is her.  I am me.


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