24 more hours

There is this website : Good Grief Blog.  It is a place for scrapbookers to scrap about people they have lost.  Most weeks they post a challenge that helps you talk about some area of grief.  And this week it is about 24 more hours.  What if you could have 24 more hours with someone you lost?

I would love to have 24 hours more with my dad.  I would listen to him laugh.  Play with his hair like I used to.  Take one more trip to the store.  Watch a movie together.  Get a hug.  Let him call me pumpkin again.  And then I would dance with him.

As most people will tell you, it is not the big things that you miss…it is the everyday things that made the difference.



  1. Penny Jo · March 22, 2010

    I knew going in who you would choose. I expected it to make me sad. It made me smile instead. I’ loved it.

  2. Janna · March 26, 2010

    Really sweet post. I also smiled…

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