What if…

As many of you know, I read a lot of blogs…it is probably what made me want to have my own.  Today I read a great post.

You can find it here.  It is the “what if challenge.”  And it is about to change everything for anyone brave enough to take it on.  Simply put, write down 5 what if questions.  Make sure they are things that you have some control over.  Not “What if someone had not died” or “what if I had gotten THAT job” but things were action is actually possible.  “What if I approached … about…”.  “what if I tried to do …” those kinds of questions.

And then pick one.  And do it.  Simple concept really.  But so powerful.   Pick one question that would love to have the answer to…one instance where action has been stalled…and make it happen.  And see what the consequences are.

Can you image what God can teach you in that?  The above blogger says this “God gives life to you to live, and you can either tell meaningful stories or boring stories. We can’t wait around anymore for God to make something happen in our lives”

Willing to try with me?  I am writing my questions now.  Will pick on over the weekend.


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