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What if follow-up…

Well I picked my question…did you?  Mine is fairly simple and fairly obvious and well it is something I have tried to do in the past and am need of starting again.  So here goes:

What if everyday I chose to do:

  • 1 healthy thing
  • 1 active thing
  • 1 creative thing
  • 1 practical thing
  • and I wrote it all down.

How’s that for a question?  So here is the line up for today.

  1. Lunch today was a salad, baked sweet potato, steamed veggies, a small cup of chili and I resisted the chocolate and ice cream dessert.  Not a bite.  Healthy (healthier at least) right?
  2. I am going to stamp tonight at Karen W’s house…creative right?
  3. I set up my automatic bill payments for the next paycheck…practical right?

Now I just need to find something active to do.  MMM….may have to think about this one.


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