Stumble Upon

There is this really cool thing on the web called StumbleUpon which allows you to randomly go around the web and see stuff that you may not have found otherwise that fits in a pre-determined set of “likes” you have.  For instance, I can put in that I like photography, design and animals, and I will get sites pertaining to those things.

It is amazing to me how much is out there for us to find and how much people are talking about…for instance:

  • This is a list of 15 modern bathtub designs.  One is all glass (do I really want someone to walk in and be able to see right through the tub?  What would that look like?  If I don’t want to know, neither should anyone else…)
  • A cartoon about men and women and mistakes.
  • A cool quote from CS Lewis.
  • Recipe for a stuffed baguette.
  • And finally, someone who asked if there was a spell to become a mermaid…yeah.

And all of this got me thinking about my blog.  And what I post (or lately think about posting and talk myself out of).  I have never written this stuff for anyone else.  It is for me.  I write to get things off my chest, to remember things that happened, to make a point, or just to write to share to post.

Someone could stumble upon my site and what would they get?

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