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Knowing Right from Wrong

Yesterday I posted about an article on the Boundless blog called “Maybe it’s because your’re fat”.  I commented that while I agreed with most of what the author had to say, I was disgusted with the way he chose to say it…he called someone “an unhealthy beach ball of a woman.”  On a Christian blog, they resorted to calling someone names. 

I followed the comments yesterday and this AM and saw a large number of people that seemed to feel that not only was the article justified in “keeping it real” but that the it was even funny to call someone that.  When the comments reached over 150 I had to stop reading.  It was disgusting to me. 

Well, my friend Janna (thanks for letting me know) told me that first the offensive language was removed and then the whole post was removed.  It feels like a victory.  It was, of course, replaced with an open letter called: Dear Overweight Woman.  Written by a woman, and without the blunt rudeness of the last post, it talked about how we all have worth in the eyes of God.  How we should as Christians take care of our bodies in service to God.  And that a lack of marriage or lack of social dating is not a punishment for being fat. 

Interestingly enough, the very writer who condemned yesterday, is the editor of the blog.  And he commented on the new post (you can find the new post here) saying that, just to be sure we knew, he agreed that we are all precious in God’e eyes. 

For me this arguement is not about whether or not I should be overweight.  It is not about whether or not it is sinful to be gluttonous.  It is not even about the original writers feeling that someone’s lack of social life was probably due to weight.  It was simply that he chose to express himself in a way that was harmful and childish.  Calling names should have ended long ago.  And for some reason, when weight is the issue, people forget that there are real feelings and real people behind the weight.  People can be cruel.

I applaud the decision to remove the original post.  I would have been just as happy for them to have removed just the offensive language.  I would have loved to have been in the room when that decision was made.  The conversations must have been something else.


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