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The Anti-Bucket List

So, I saw this article about someone who made an anti-bucket list – “Things I Will Not Do Before I Die”.  And while I know you can’t say NEVER…I am saying it.  Here is my Anti-Bucket List:

  • Skydive
  • Have a baby – say what you will but NO
  • Be a young bride
  • Be a Wiccan/Mormon/Catholic/Scientologist
  • Be a Broadway actress
  • Struggle to gain weight
  • Like coffee
  • Smoke
  • Experience love the same way I did before.  Each time should be different.

I am sure there are more…I might add to this later.


1 thought on “The Anti-Bucket List”

  1. Fun exercise!! I’m right there with you on all of them except I was a young bride (no longer married) and I do like coffee (but not for the caffeine).

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