Random Blogger

Sometimes I tell people that I blog…that I have a blog.  Sometimes I tell them I have actually written on it.  And then I go to my blog and see that my posts are sometimes few and far between.  And fairly random.  Actually really, really random.   Kind of like me.

I have random interests.  Random tastes.  Eclectic at best.  Odd at worst.

  • I love to read – but rarely make time for it right now.
  • I love music – and with a few notable exceptions – like just about everything.
  • I scrapbook – but rarely see myself as overly creative.
  • I love to take pictures.  But it is only recently that I have been committed to taking pictures.
  • I love puzzle games and sudoku
  • I read a lot of blogs but I am committed to many more than I can keep up with
  • I constantly am thinking about projects I would love to do…but I don’t usually.
  • I love clothes and shoes – but dress plainly
  • I love museums – which makes my job easier – but I rarely actually go.  And when I do go, I am not the type to sit and ponder for loads of time…I look and move on.
  • I have this thing for technology but am terribly behind the times when it comes to my own gadgets.
  • I am good at putting things together…building things.  But I have a desk job working on my computer.
  • I am a Christian.  But, at times, find little fellowship in the Christian community.
  • I sing.  But get so nervous at times that I almost hyperventilate.

So when the blog posts do come – and they do eventually come – remember my random blatherings are random like me.


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