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What Does the SOUL Want?

I saw this question as part of a marketing email and it brought some ideas to mind immediately.  I thought it was interesting and decided to see if I could answer that question for me.

My soul wants:

  • Relationship – I am at my happiest when I have a least 1 or 2 people to connect with.  People who will engage in conversation openly and honestly.  People who will laugh and cry and worry with me.  People who will take my mind off myself for a while but are not afraid to shine the light back at me when I am avoiding something.
  • Learning – I hate feeling stagnant and I love to learn new things.  I am not especially fond of school per se, but I love having the opportunity to stretch myself intellectually.  And I learn best by debating issues, hearing and seeing other points of view and being challenged to really ponder my own opinion.
  • Sound – as a singer, sound is essential to me.  I turn on the TV when I get home – just for sound.  I have music on in the car and at work.  I hum constantly.  Annoying I know, but there is something comforting about sound and it makes me feel like I am not alone.
  • Quiet – Yet, I also need quiet sometimes.  Or maybe I need quieter.  Sometimes sound is too much.  Sometimes too many sounds make my head explode.  Quiet in those times is comforting.
  • Sleep – or more specifically down time.  I have a bad tendency to overload my schedule with things to do and places to be.  It is usually me trying to not be alone…in search of relationship for even a short time…but it is detrimental to my psyche and my soul to be so overloaded that I can’t concentrate on the important.
  • Purpose – I need to feel needed.  I need to feel a part of things.  I need to be useful.  I need to be productive.
  • Laughter – I need to not be so serious.  I need to see the levity in situations.  I need to not see the bad in situations first but the funny.
  • God – I know I put Him last here but really He is what my soul needs first.  I need to know there is a plan.  I need to know someone has my back.  I need to know that someone has sacrificed for me.  I need to know I am important to someone and that no detail about me is too small to notice.  I need the peace I can not get any other way.

What does your soul want?

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