Creativity vs. Crafty vs. Copy-er

There is a lovely woman at church I call my choir mom…Mama Laurie.  And she tells me all the time how creative I am .  What new hobbies have I taken up (soapmaking is the latest one) and how are the existing ones going (scrapbooking, card making, stamping, etc.).  And each time I think…jeez I am not creative.  I am a copy-er (notice the odd spelling…not a copier like a Xerox, but a copy-er: someone who copies but not exactly).  Maybe an imitator would be a better word but I have an alliteration thing happening here…go with me.

Creativity to me is being able to make something out of a wisp of an idea.
Crafty is being able to take something that is meant for one thing and make it into something else.
Being a copy-er means that you can see something, make it the same way but change a few key details…like color…to suit you.

And it is here that I struggle.  If I am not creating something new, and I am just copying someone else’s idea and changing it to suit me, then am I really being creative?  Can I call myself an artist if it is not an “original” idea?

Weigh in please…


3 thoughts on “Creativity vs. Crafty vs. Copy-er”

  1. I personally think you are creative and crafty. I think that copying is a form a flattery. And yes, you are an artist if you create something, copy-ied or not. Being an artist is about the act of creating something not the originality…that’s my opinion. And yes, I copy too. 🙂

  2. I think I am a little of each… as well you. I have no problem taking someone’s creation and using it to make my own. That is how most of my projects get started. From there, every once in a while, by learning how to do it, I end of really surprising myself when I do create something original 🙂 I think we are all artists at heart, regardless of how the idea comes to us!

  3. I guess I look at it this way. Everyone in our lives sees us in a different light than we see ourselves. Yes I can agree that you are crafty in the sense that you do these wonderful things with materials that make other people happy. Some of the designs are your own and some are just materials that you use. Are you having fun doing what you do, yes you are so keep doing them and enjoy them. Who knows someday you will come up with something new that no one has tried. I look at it this way. You have hobbies and they sometime make you happy, sad, angry, glad, etc. That is a good thing. Keep it up, way more than some of us do.

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