Book review

Book Review: 29 Gifts

I promised a book review and now that I have finally finished the book, I can deliver!

I first saw this book, 29 Gifts, on Amazon and I loved the premise of it – how giving a gift everyday for 29 days could change your life and your world.  And I while I was intrigued by the idea, I saw it more a a proposition to rid myself of some of the clutter in my life (physical as well as emotional) and still indulge in my shopping habit.

I could not have been more wrong.

29 Gifts is really the story of Cami Walker, the author, and her struggle with MS.   The gifts in question are not always material and in fact most of the time have little to no cost.  Cami was introduced to this idea by a close friend who is a Medicine Woman from Africa and the book takes a very New Age approach to not just healing but also religion.  If you are looking for a Christian read, this is not it.  There is much talk of crystals, divinations, and Universalist religion.

However, God is all over this concept.

The idea, is that for 29 days you gift a gift each day.  It might be something tangible.  It might be a prayer sent up for someone.  It might be a compliment or kind word.  What makes this different than doing this in your everyday life is this: you are to consciously do this thing each day.  An offhand compliment or passing on some treasure to someone else does not count.  You must make a point to give – acknowledge to yourself that you are offering a gift – and then write about it.  A blog, a journal – someway to commemorate this gift.

And her theory is that if you do, you will be more willing to receive, to ask for help and take it when it is offered.  You will be see people differently and you will see yourself more clearly.  And most importantly, you will start to live in a place of abundance instead of a place of scarcity.

And oh how God wants this for us.  To live in a place of abundance.  To see the good in people and the good in ourselves as well.  To know that He will provide what we need and to not worry about where it will come from.  And mostly, He wants us to build community with each other and with Him in the process.

Imagine how God could use you in this challenge.  Imagine how you could change from it.  Imagine how different everything and everybody will seem by the end of it.

So even though this is not a Christian book about giving, God is certainly all over it…and if you decide to try it, you will know Him in each step.

For more info, check out the webpage  Here, those committed to the challenge around the world can write about their experience and share their stories.

I will be starting soon.  Want to join me?

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