Setting priorities for the fall

God knows that setting priorities is a major part of the day to day process.  Everything seems so important all the time and everything is pressing.  Or on the flip side, nothing is pressing and we let things slide too long waiting for the perfect time to get it done.

At work, setting priorities has become very important.  I am training into a new position hopefully and still doing the old one.  It means there are a lot of things on my desk all the time and they all seem vitally important to finish today.  Or I know they are not vitally important but I can’t seem to get them off the eventually list.  And knowing what is a higher priority over something else…well that is taking some practice.

And I have noticed in my personal and church life the same trends.  I have a tendency to say yes.  And it means I am always busy – which I like most of the time.  But I also know that I end up doing things I quickly realize I shouldn’t be doing but have committed and have to ride it out.  Guilt is a terrible thing.

So I am making changes…again.

I left the church choir again.  Mostly because I need to be doing the things that make me happy and because those mornings had ceased to become worship and had ventured into dread.  And no one wants or needs a dread-full worship leader.  And my fall is getting downright crazy with the addition of college classes starting this month.  After 12 years, it seems insane to start again, but I feel such a peace about the decision…even the cost…of going back and finishing this thing I started so long ago.

I have taken on 2 devotional projects – different in scale and need.  One more as an admin and writer.  One more as a crafter and creator.  It’s a nice way to combine several things at once and gives me a creative outlet for the fall.

I have almost committed to the choir Christmas production of the Messiah.   I will be looking for a Bible Study or home group for the fall.   And I will continue in the Praise Team as assigned.

It will be a very busy fall.  And the priority setting begins.


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