This fall

I am a TV addict from way back.  I go through seasons where I watch everything and then there are seasons where I watch very little.  And truthfully most of my favorite shows are not on network TV anymore…they are on cable.

But each fall I get excited about season premiers and the possibility of finding my new favorite.  So here is what I am looking forward to this season:

Returning Shows

Is anyone really surprised?

I am hoping this show will find it’s way back to the show I fell in love with.

There is nothing about this show I hate.  I LOVE JIM PARSONS.

The only show I am really hoping rocks this fall that is new: Undercovers.  The pedigree is good.  Hope the show lives up to it.

And I am still mourning the loss of this:

1 thought on “This fall”

  1. I cannot wait for Glee too!!!!! My definite fav!! Greys is coming back too, but I am having serious doubts about watching. It has lost its zing. Besides that, I am forced to watch Dancing With The Stars becuase some football player is on there again! 🙂 I have to find some new shows. My line up is weak…

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