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Vote for Jesus

I am confessing today.  I have done this often on this blog.  There are those who would say I have confessed too much.  But here it is:

I am not a Republican.

There it is out of my system.  I chose years ago to not really talk much about my political beliefs because I live in a conservative area – surrounded by conservative people – who feel like if they can make me a Republican, they can save me from myself.

Truthfully, I am not much of a Democrat either.  I probably lean more towards Democrat in some cases.  But mostly I am politically neutral.  I choose to talk about this now because the “deception” has been eating at me.  The truth is, I have allowed people to believe that I agreed with this because it was so much easier to just nod and laugh and smile.  I have never claimed to be a card-carrying Republican.  I choose not to say much of anything when the subject comes up.  I have sat by while people I know and love have made jokes at the expense of Democrats – all in the name of self preservation.  I have heard Democrats called the confused, delusional, and evil.

And all the while, I knew that I had these political ideas that sometimes don’t jive with the Republican party.  And sometimes they don’t jive with the Democrats.  My ideas, at least the ones I strive towards, are those of Christ.  I don’t think Jesus would have been a Republican.  I don’t think he would have been a Democrat.  These political parties are not of God.  They are man-made and man-run and man-created.  They have little to do with the God I know.

Man is not perfect.  God is perfect.

Now, I realize that we need to vote…and I do.  I try to go to the polls each year (some years I do better than others).  I look at the candidates and the platforms they run on.  I read the paper and I try to figure out what would make me push for one candidate more than the other.  And I make a choice.  And sometimes I vote Democrat.  And sometimes I vote Republican.  And sometimes, sometimes, I shake my head at the choice I have to make.  Sometimes, it seems to be the lesser of two evils.  Sometimes, it seems to be that either choice is going to make me regret my decision at some point.

So today, I choose to vote for Jesus.   I choose to let the  Spirit make my choice.  And I hope that I don’t feel the need to hide my decision.


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