Where is the line?

As those of you who have read my blog for a few months may know, I wrote about an article posted on the Boundless website (run by Focus on the Family) where the author said that being fat was enough reason to expect that you will never get asked on a date.  Don’t bother looking for the source article – they took it down and apologized for the tone of the piece.  The information in the piece was not faulty – it was the tone of the author in presenting that information that got people so riled up.  (You can check out my posts starting with Maybe It’s Because You’re Fat.)

So now we have a new blog post on Marie Claire.com from a blogger who is chronicling her year of dating for the magazine.  It is charmingly called “Should Fatties Get A Room? (Even on TV?)”

Written by a formerly anorexic woman, it says that the show Mike & Molly, about 2 overweight people who meet at Overeaters Anonymous and fall in love.  I am so far cautious about the show…I would not call myself a fan.  There are too many fat jokes and self-depreciating comments for me to fall for the show – but I see it as a positive thing that there are characters on TV that look like me…a prettier version of me…but like me all the same.

The Marie Claire writer says that she is grossed out by seeing fat people kiss.  And she says she is “grossed out” by watching them do anything – even “simply walk across a room”.  She then compares the uncomfortable feeling she has watching someone who is drunk or high do the same thing.


I will not give her the satisfaction of talking about the rest.  But I will say this.  For someone who had an eating disorder and struggled with her weight (although on the other end of the spectrum) the amount of body hate she exhibits in this article is astounding.

I bring this up to say that I know who I am.  I know my size.  And through Christ I am learning my worth.  And some lady in Marie Claire Magazine is not going to be able to take that away.

But I won’t be buying the magazine anytime soon either.


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