A call to stop part 2

I finished the previous post and stopped and then thought I had a bunch more to say.

In the last post, I talked about my own personal experience with bullying, a blogger accused of bullying and an adult bully victim that committed suicide.

But really, there is always more to say right?  There is always more to the story.

What makes bullying so prevalent?   What makes the news so horrifying?  What makes us cry about the state of bullying in this country?

We see ourselves in the story.

We see our kids and our friends and ourselves each time we hear about bullying.  We remember a time when someone picked on us.  We remember the times we picked on someone else.  We are reminded that kids have a life outside of our houses and they may be dealing with or inflicting bullying.  We are horrified – but we get it.  We know it.

Bullying is a behavior born out of shame and guilt and self-image and group mentality.  Kids who bully may have been bullied.  Adults who bully learned that behavior.  It is a way to deal with insecurity.  It is easier to pick out someone else’s flaws than it is to accept your own.


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