You can’t stop being a Mom

I knew from a young age that I had no desire to be a mom.  It is one of the things about me that many people find hard to believe…that I can and have made that choice prior to marriage and have no expectations to change them.  That as I get older, my biological clock is not ticking wildly at the thought that the opportunites to have a baby are slipping away.  I hear often, when the topic comes up – “You never know…” or “You might change your mind…”  Really, truly, honestly, no.  I will not.

I have begin to enjoy the cuddle of a little one – infant age – who rests their head on your shoulder and sighs contentedly.  The smell of baby, the warm little face against your cheek, the trust as you hold them.  But I love to give them back to the parents when cuddle time is over.

So I really can understand what it is like to not want kids.

What I can not understand is someone who doesn’t want kids, has them, then decides that her life is slipping away and chooses to walk away.  Like this story here.  The author if this book walked away from her family because she felt she was “losing herself.”  A decision I don’t get.  These were not shoes that you decided you didn’t like the fit of.  This was not a vacation that you wish you hadn’t gone on.  This was a family.

Just my two cents…


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