Facebook Depression

I have over 350 friends.

On Facebook of course.

In real life I don’t know how I would keep up with 350 people…in fact I don’t really keep up with that many on Facebook either.   Some have a page but never visit it.  Some only update with mundane things that I tend to ignore.  Some are so prolific that I can’t possibly read all of the updates.  Some only post things others have written.   And then there are the few that I seek out to see what is happening with them.

I bring this up because, well, 2 things really triggered it.  The first was that last night I attended a new bible study called Measureless Love by Beth Moore.  It is a short 3 week video session that was taped at one of her Living Proof Live weekends.  And she mentions in the study how we measure ourselves and God in unhealthy ways.  We try to contain God by putting his unmeasurable Love and Goodness into human terms.  And we measure ourselves by comparing us to others – both out of jealousy and out of idolatry.    The second was an article you can read here about how Facebook can make people depressed because they see all of the amazing things other people are doing and wishing they were doing and being those things.

Like the article mentions…I have Facebook depression.  My life is not nearly as interesting as my friends lives…right?   They travel.  And have lunch dates.  And take their kids to the park.  And have date night with the their spouses.  They spend the night in Chick-fil-a parking lots (you know who you are…Keith).  They see things and do things and are things that I am not.  Right?

It is that kind of thinking that is getting me in trouble.

You see I have a serious case of envy right now.  And as Beth Moore talked about – I have to let it go.  In order to feel God immeasurable love for me, to experience the full power of His presence, to really know what He wants for me…I have to be willing to stop measuring myself against, measuring myself up to, and finding myself lacking.   And remember that for every bit of jealousy I feel about someone, they feel that way about someone else.

Who are you measuring yourself against and up to?  Who are you jealous of in a way that you can’t quite express but you know to be true?  And how will you let it go?

P.S.  If you get the chance to do this short study I highly encourage it.   Beth Moore is so powerful and her message is so important.   I look forward to hearing how the messages play out over the next couple of weeks.

P.P.S.  I do see the humor in the fact that most of you will link to my blog through Facebook….the irony is not lost on me!

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