Right now

10 things I am excited about right now:

1.  Project Life:  I bought a kit called Project Life almost a year ago.  And I have done little more than take it out of the box and ooh and aah over it.   Designed by Becky Higgins (who used to work for Creating Keepsakes magazine), this scrapbooking project is about helping people either document their memories in a small format (daily pictures or memories) or to help them quickly “catch up” – something most scrapbookers never seem to be able to do.  I know exactly what I am going to do with mine and I can’t wait.  I have been pulling things and organizing them and getting them prepared so I can start on this as soon as I can.  If you are interested, you can check out details of Project Life here.  It is the perfect way for people who hate scrapbooking to actually scrapbook or the for the perpetually behind to catch up.

2.  Vintage Travel posters:  I am not really sure why I am loving these so much but I think I am going to have to invest in a couple for decorating.   Take a look at these here, here and here.

3.  The Killing:  This new show on AMC is keeping me glued to the TV on Sunday nights.  It is a season long mystery of the murder of a teenage girl.  It has received a lot of criticism that it is too slow, not moving along, and too focused on the grief (called grief porn) of the parents.  But really, it is a beautifully shot, gripping emotional look at how this murder affects the family, the police and the someone who becomes peripherally involved in the case.

4.  Season finales:  I always love this time of year as we bring shows to a close for the season (of course I also wish we didn’t have to say goodbye for several months).  I am looking forward to seeing:

  • Who wins American Idol
  • NCIS and the Port-to-Port killer reveal
  • How I Met Your Mother and the wedding
  • Big Bang Theory and Sheldon’s new roommate (I hope, I hope ,I hope it is Amy Farrah Fowler!)
  •  Mike & Molly (my new favorite sitcom)
  • Glee at Nationals (and tonight’s return of Jesse St. James!)
5.  Summer premiers:  You can’t say goodbye to shows without a few hellos!  I can’t wait to see:

  • Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime
  • White Collar on USA Network
  • Covert Affairs also on USA
  •  Project Runway on Lifetime
  • The Marriage Ref on NBC
6.  Moving into an office:  My job is finally able to hire a replacement for me in my old job and so I am moving in the spare office.  It will be nice to be in my own space for a while.  And to decorate it…
7.  This site sells scrapbooking materials that are heavily discounted (out of season or out of date along with some newer stuff).  They post one item at a time and then pull it for the next item.  The coolest thing is you can build up a cart full and then have it shipped all at once.   Loving my orders so far this spring!
8.  Pioneer Woman:  I can’t say enough.  If you are not reading her blog…go here now.  You will thank me later.
9.  Charlie:  This is the Pioneer Woman’s pet bassett hound.  He is simply the best.  And he has a new friend Walter.   He is worth looking up.
10.  My friends coming to the 5K:  I wanted to send a special shout out to Sara, Gerald, Liz, and Jim who will be coming with me to the 5K.  I am not just nervous, I am SCARED.  But as Liz said, I will do what I can do.  And I already warned my boss I may not come in the next day and may have to work from home…it all depends on if I am walking or not.

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