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I asked in my last post what was on your minds.  Several of you asked for me to finish my planned post on being real and being nice.  It is in the works and I should have it to post soon.  It has been interesting for me to try and organize my sometimes jumbled thoughts on the subject.  Should be interesting to see how it all comes out.

I did have someone ask for another topic that is a little easier.  Donna, who just got a Nook, asked about what I am reading right now.  That I can do.

At any given time I have about 50 books sitting on the “I want to read these” shelf and I have been terribly remiss about starting them.  Part of the issue is just time – I like to read a book cover to cover in a short time…helps me retain info.  But I don’t usually have that kind of time so I have been trying to force myself to read a little at a time each night…with varied success.

The last book I finished was 10th Anniversary by James Patterson.  I love his books and there are only a few that I didn’t devour in a matter of hours.  This series in particular – the Womens Murder Club – is a favorite…as is the Alex Cross series.  I have a few more of his waiting to be read…seems he releases a book every week…and I am a little behind.

I have a book started called I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t) by Brene Brown, Ph.D.  The book tackles the subject of shame.  I have never been one for self-help books.  I find them dull, sensationalistic, or just hard to read.  But this one really caught my eye with the subtitle:  Telling the truth about perfectionism, inadequacy and power.  Oh yeah…I can relate.  Shame, vulnerablilty, and imperfections are topics I could sit and talk about all day.

I also have 3 books that have been sitting by my bed that I flip though for short reading periods.

The first is called: The Beauty of Different by Karen Walrond.  It is full of beautiful photography and stories of people who realized that the thing that made them odd, made them beautiful.  It may sound corny, but it is quite inspiring and a nice little pick me up.

The other 2 are both by the same author: Patti Digh.  Called Life is Verb and Creative is a Verb they both take the same format.  A short story accompanied by pictures of art and then an assignment .  In Life is a Verb you are asked to do one assignment/story every day for 37 days in order to let you see your life from a variety of possibly new perspectives.  In Creative is a Verb you are challenged to do either a short 10 minute assignment or a slightly longer 37 minute assignment involving some scissors, glue, pens and a little art project.  I love the flexibility of the books to read a little, ponder on it, decide what you can take from it and them try and put it into action.

So what are you currently reading?


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