Musical Interpretation

Flat On The Floor

Have you ever had the experience of hearing a song over and over and on the 1,000 time hearing something different?  I know I have had this when reading the Bible…passages that once were one thing can take on a new meaning.  But it is really recently that I started to have this with song lyrics.  And so today, I kick off what I hope will be a new thing here that I call Musical Interpretation.

This morning as I was driving into work, I was listening to Carrie Underwood and rocking out to Flat On The Floor.   It has become a morning ritual this week – a little Carrie Underwood on the way to work, a little loud singing to start my day.  So this morning I am driving along singing with the windows open (I wonder what the people of Clifton think…) and I hear this line that all the sudden struck me.  It said:

“If I told you once, I told you a thousand times
You can’t knock me off my feet, when I’m already on my knees”

I was sitting there in the car, turned off the radio and just thought for a while…and listened to the message God was sending me.  If I am on my knees in prayer, nothing can touch me.  You can’t harm me, you can’t make me fall, you can’t force me to follow, you can’t persuade me, you can’t influence me, you can’t touch me if I just stay on my knees.

So this morning I urge you to pray, as I did in the car – Lord, help me stay on my knees today.  Let me remember that when I submit to You, I am covered and shielded and protected.  And loved.

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