Hayfield Park

I am not a long-term goal kind of person.  I struggle with keeping the eye on the prize, eyes straight ahead and moving towards something that is off into the future.  I have done things that were long time goals, but it is normally some happenstance that makes it all come together at the end vs. a real long term goal that I worked towards.

But yesterday…I walked in a 5K, my first, in the Hayfield area of Kingstown.  Here I am at the start of the race…all smiles:

And here I am crossing the finish line…looking a little like the walking dead:

Feeling kind of proud.  I walked with my dear friends Sara, Gerald, Liz, Jim, and Olivia.  And if you see above…some finished behind me so I wouldn’t be last.  That my friends is love.  Thanks to everyone who cheered me on and prayed for me.    I wonder what my next one will be?


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